EZ Safer Surface


Oxygenated Water that can destroy the COVID-19 Pathogen on Various Surfaces.
Kills 99.9% Bacteria & Viruses.
Approved Fruit & Vegetable Wash.

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EZ Safer Surface is a clinically tested supercharged oxygenated water that is  more powerful than ozonated water and with longer residual protection. When applied to surfaces it is a very powerful cleaner able to eliminate resistant pathogens and is a clinically tested proven effective COVID-19 defense.

EZ Safer Surface is 100% U.S. made with all natural, organic, allergen free and non-toxic ingredients FDA approved for food contact surfaces makes it the ideal cleaning solution for food preparation areas without the need of post-rinse. It will even remove harmful disinfectant residue left behind by other toxic cleaner.

The key to charging and creating the Hydroxyl Radicals in the EZ Safer Surface is an all-natural EPA registered fruit and vegetable wash.

To show its effectiveness against the COVID-19 we diluted the ingredient with purified water and tested it against the COVID-19 pathogen at an independent lab. EZ Safer Surface outperformed 91% Alcohol in destroying the COVID-19 pathogen. 

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